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UK marketing & sales agency for the HVAC, Electrical & Renewable industries

Welcome to digital toolbag

We build Sales Platforms for the UK HVAC & Solar Industries. Branding, Websites, SEO, Social Media & Software.

We are a Marketing & Sales agency based in the UK. We consult, plan, write & design sales platforms to help you attract, sell & keep five star customers. 

All in one platform, built to sell

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Years of Experience in UK Heating
Digital Toolbag Management

Helping Local Energy Heroes 
Dominate Marketing

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Built to Last

The game-changing business development environment for the UK heating industry. Free workshops, online programmes, memberships & live events.

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Marketing & Sales Management

HVAC / Solar businesses need strategic planning, marketing strategy and sales communications yet often need more resources for this essential development. Partner with Digital Toolbag for hands-on management of all your marketing activities.


Attracting five-star customers & standing out from the competition is more complex than a cool van wrap shared on Instagram.


Your website is the engine of your sales platform, built to spec to attract, sell & keep five-star customers.

Social Media

Social media is not for selling! Knowing how to use social media communications will build effective, long-term relationships for your business.

Sales Automation

If you want to sell £5k - £25k projects, the incoming leads must feed into an automated sales system that demonstrates professionalism and builds trust.

Why Choose Us

We know this game 
like no other agency

You have tried other providers

Not understanding your business or the industry, they probably failed to deliver results.

It cost you time & money

Wasting time costs money, and wasting money has to be paid with your time. Time is money, and money is time!

We have 18 years in the game

18+ years in the UK Heating industry, 

12+ years dominating Google, 
5+ years of writing courses.

5 years of helping others

Working with the UK's biggest heating brands, helping 1000's of small businesses develop marketing, systems & teams.

We now help people like you get results

For those who want help building a lasting business, we now build sales platforms to help your business grow.

We do not work with your competition

We offer exclusive geographic partnerships to help you dominate your local market for years to come.

How it works

Become a partner, start your journey today and start building your sales platform with Digital Toolbag

Free SEO report

Ready to take the first step with Digital Toolbag? It all starts with your Free SEO report.

Discovery Zoom

The discovery zoom is your chance to dive deep on your marketing reports and Googles local market data.

Exclusive partnerships

Partner with the only HVAC and Solar digital agency that will not work with your local competition.

Sustainable business growth
with the ASK Sales System

Learning how to attract, sell & keep customers is vital for a growing business and one built to last.

Attract five star customers

The ASK Sales System focuses on showing your five-star customers that you have what they want, that you are the local expert and are trusted by other people local to them, creating more quality leads for your business.

Sell your most profitable services

Most marketing agencies focus on how many impressions, likes, clicks, ranking positions, unique visitors, phone calls, or captured leads they received in the last month. But let's be honest: you, your family and your accountant don't care about these numbers. What you care about is sales and cash in the bank!

Keep them happy, engaged & buying

Building your business and your customer database go hand in hand, so keeping your existing customers happy, engaged and spending more money with you should be the other main focus when planning marketing strategy and the content on your website.


The Plumbing Case Study

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The Heat Pump Case Study

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The Boiler Case Study

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The Digital Toolbag Blog

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Attract Sell Keep
The Attract Sell Keep system

Understanding the fundamental marketing & sales system all starts in this here.

Industry keyword research document 2023
DT Industry research doc 2023

We help you predict the future with some good old-fashioned research from across the UK.

Which CRM for your business?
Which CRM for your business?

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Helping you Sell the best brands in the industry

Building Sales Platforms that 
Attract, Sell & Keep 
Five Star Customers

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